About when the number of users exceeds the limit

If the limit is exceeded, how are the users treated?
Will they not be able to log in?

Hi @yfujita,

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I understand that you have a question about the consequence of exceeding the number of users on your tenant.

Firstly, the number of external active users allowed for your account depends on your subscription level. For example, the Free Subscription Plan offers 7000 external active users, and the Essential Subscription Plan offers 10,000 external active users.

If you exceed this limit, you may encounter challenges with creating new users. Your existing users will still be able to log in.

You can learn more about the different subscription plans on our pricing page here.

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I’d like to clarify. If my account exceeds the external active user limit, will any current users be logged out automatically?

Hi @joachim.rives,

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If your account exceeds the external active user limit, your users will not be logged out automatically.

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Thanks. What are the effects of reaching the external active user limit? For example, will there be specific errors thrown by the Auth0 API when a user signs up? I am also curious about how to handle more than twenty thousand monthly active users.

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Hi @joachim.rives

Thank you for your response.

AFAIK, there should be no effect when you exceed the external monthly active user for your subscription level. Moreover, this would give you an opportunity to upgrade your subscription level without disrupting user authentication.

If you have any further questions regarding subscription levels and your external monthly active users, I strongly recommend reaching out to our Sales team for more information.

Thank you!

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