About error of login mail authentication of homepage using wordpress

We make a homepage with wordpress and use auth0 for login authentication and member database management.

I have set the code to be notified by e-mail without a password when logging in, but in the last two weeks, the phenomenon that the code did not arrive frequently has occurred, and I am looking for a solution.

Does auth0 know about the delay of the mail server? Is there any chance that it will be resolved?

Hi @minako.yoneko , welcome to the community!

Are you using the built-in email provider? This is not supported nor intended for production usage and has limitations, if you are using this for a production application, please point your Auth0 tenant at an external email provider, as detailed in the below documentation to avoid running into delivery issues:

If you are not using the Auth0 built-in email provider, I would recommend investigating the logs on your external email provider’s end as this may have some more useful information about the delays.

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