Can't log in to WordPress with Twitter due to missing email error, despite following all docs

I’m having trouble getting the WordPress Auth0 plugin to work with Twitter and it’s because of the email address.

I’ve configured the App in Twitter so that Sign in with Twitter is Enabled, the privacy policy and terms of service URLs are filled in, and I’ve added Request email address to the Additional permissions.

Then I created a Rule in Auth0, using the “Get email address from Twitter” template. I made a couple key-value pairs for the Twitter consumer key and consumer secret, and updated the rule script with them.

All seems to be going well until Twitter redirects me back to the WP site, where I am greeted with the following error message:

There was a problem with your log in: This account does not have an email associated, as required by your site administrator. [error code: unknown]

The Twitter user I’m trying to log in with does have an email address on their profile. I feel like I’ve done everything the Auth0 docs suggest for enabling this correctly, so now I don’t know where to continue troubleshooting.

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