Can't login in my WordPress


I’ve got this error:

There was a problem with your log in This account does not have an email associated, as required by your site administrator.

I followed FAQs but I haven’t used a social login just the conections>database (Username-Password-Authentication created by default) login.

“If you get this error, make sure you are requesting the Email attribute from each provider in the Auth0 Dashboard under Connections → Social (expand each provider). Take into account that not all providers return Email addresses for users (e.g. Twitter). If this happens, you can always add an Email address to any logged in user through the Auth0 Dashboard (or API). See Users → Edit.”

What can I do?


P.D: I’m currently testing your plugin before use it in production. The wordpress is in a test environment (localhost without internet access from exterior to the wordpress)

Link with same question: Can’t login |
(Sorry but I don’t know where is the best to ask for it)

Hi! We’re currently fixing bugs on the Wordpress SDK and a new version shall be released before EOW. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Any feedback, in the meantime, is more than welcomed.

Hi @fjsermu: here’s the official 3.5.0 release

We’re on version 3.5.1 of the plugin and still have the same issue. Was it resolved?

can you please review the auth0 config: Configure Login by Auth0 ? thanks

It worked fine on all of our sites before we updated the plugin, so it was all properly configured. What specifically am I looking for on that page that could help address the issue?

My last response is missing, so just in case I didn’t send it right, I was explaining that all of our sites were working prior to the latest plugin update. The documentation shows how to configure Auth0 properly and all of our sites were already configured and working. Can you point to something specific in that documentation that would have affected authenticating since the last update?

nothing in particular, just to obviously check any misconfiguration there. I’ve also been recommended to install the plugin from scratch with the new version. Please proceed to do so and let me know if it helps. Otherwise, please send us as many details as possible about the issue that you are experiencing.