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Wordpress Integration Error


Hi, I am trying to integrate Auth0 into my wordpress website
The integration test works, however i get the message: There was a problem with your log in. This account does not have an email associated, as required by your site administrator, whenever i login with my credentials.

Please could you advise me on what to do.




:wave: @dojomaster228

Which version of the WordPress Plugin are you using ? There was a similar issue that was fixed in version 3.5.0

You may need to install the plugin from scratch with the new version and then provide an API token that the plugin will use to update your account settings. You can generate a new token and enter it into the App Token field of the the Basic settings page of the plugin, wp-admin > Auth0 > Settings > Basic > API token. :

Or you can also go to your Auth0 Dashboard > APIs > Auth0 Management API > Non-Interactive Clients tab and authorize the WordPress client you’re using.

Please let me know if that helps!