Unable to signup using login with auth0 plugin with wordpress

We are developing system for university and evaluating Auth0 as one of the options for global users signup. We have installed LOGIN WITH AUTH0 in wordpress but issue id when user signup , we get a message “There was a problem with your log in Access denied”

you can try here
These are the screenshots of settings

Do you have any Rules executing? Can you try disabling them then try signing up.
Auth0 Dashboard > Rules

No, I don’t have rules or something. I just installed Auth0 and then input CLIENT values in settings. That’s it.
It shows connected and user is being created on Auh0.com but getting the error message mentioned in my question and no user appears in wordpress site.

Hi guys, I heard this plugin is good and tried but stuck with the issue above.
Any input would be appreciated or will have to create a similar plugin of my own using Auth0 API :slight_smile:

Thanks !

If you end up doing your own plugin let me know. I would like to possibly help

What exact Section and error Message are shown at Auth0 > Error Log in WordPress administration? This might give you more clue on what is wrong with the setup.