Zoom social connection - sign up and log in

We are trying to allow users on our app to sign up and log in to our app through Zoom as a social connection (similar to gmail), and return a token and auth sub ID upon successful login. I noticed that Zoom is not supported under social connections - can this behavior be achieved through zoom SSO integration?


Zoom supports SAML instead of OpenID Connect for SSO, so the integration is different than gmail and other social connections.

Also, Zoom’s SSO seems geared toward signing in users within a particular company domain (e.g., https://my-company.zoom.us). example: https://zoom.us/web/sso/login

If this sounds like what you need for your app, here is the documentation on setting up the Zoom integration: Zoom Single Sign-On Integration

It’d also be great to get your feedback about Auth0’s Zoom integrations. You can request features and let us know why you’d like to see Zoom as a social connection here: https://auth0.com/feedback.



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