"Wrong email or verification code" randomly for a increasing amount of users

A few users have been complaining about inability to login to my application. I’m using passwordless authentication with a magic link sent to the users email. The flow works well on my side, but users continue to see errors. In the logs I see the the failure message is “Wrong email or verification code.” which occurs multiple times, until the user ends up maxing out their attempts.

I’m not really sure what is going on and how to fix it? It seems quite random. Any guidance here?

Hi @khaled ,

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This error “Wrong email or verification code” could be caused by the passcode having expired. Do you want to try extending the OTP Expiry and see if it helps?

Please refer to this doc for how to update OTP expiry


Hi Lihua,
Is “Wrong email or verification code” always due to an expired link? The users have been clicking the link almost immediately and I don’t think the link is expire. My expire time currently is about 20 min.

Hi @khaled ,

I checked your tenant configuration from the backend. There are no rules/actions/hooks that could cause this issue. With OTP Expiry set to 20 mins, ideally, this issue should not happen.

Since this only happens to a few users, I suggest you create a support ticket and get on a call with the support team and the users facing this issue to find the root cause and solution.

Does that sound like a good plan?

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