Wrong phone number or verification code

Hi! We have been using auth0 for a while with our React Native application. We are using passwordless login. From last month our users are facing the trouble while login it is saying “Wrong phone number or verification code”.

We also requested users to check the process and it seems they are entering the valid data. With the same number if the user tries the same thing on some other device user is able to login into our application.

Can you guys please check what is exactly causing this issue or how to solve this problem?

Hi @aniket,

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There are a number of things that could cause this error.

This thread goes through a few of the scenarios: "Wrong email or verification code" on Magic Link click - #16 by pawel2

Can you please take a look at that thread and see if it matches up with what you are seeing? Also, are you able to get the steps to reproduce the issue?