Wrong email or password for a particular application

I have a tenant with two applications, Both point to the same standard Username-Password-Authentication database. On my Android application the login works fine. But with the same username and password on my Electron application the login fails with “Wrong email or password”.

The login page:

I’ve done the following:

  • Ensured the correct client ID and auth domain on the URL
  • Triple checked the email and password on both applications
  • Made sure the callback URI was added to the application
  • Made sure the API specified by audience has Allow Offline Access enabled
  • Checked the Connections tab on each application to ensure it was using the same database
  • Explicitly changed the password on the user to the same one I’m trying to log in with
  • Copied the login URL to an incognito instance outside electron - same error

I had this working fine for the dev tenant earlier, but something seems to have broken on the prod tenant I’m trying on.

Is there something I’m missing?

I can’t seem to edit my post. That URL (with ____ redactions) should be