Login failed: Wrong email or password

i have one application “ESP UAT Trading Web” that is connected to ESP-UAT connection. ESP-UAT connection has activated application ESP UAT Trading Web. when i test the connection from dashboard with a user that i already have in ESP-UAT connection, the connection is fine. but when i go to my application url and then redirected to auth0 login page, the login page is not working. it says wrong email or password. I looked into the logs and there says the app tries to connect to another connection that i have ESP-IAT. But my app is not connected to that connection. It shouldn’t try to connect to that. however after i test the connection of the user in dashboard, i go my application and the user is already logged in the app. So my conclusion is that something happens with the auth0 login page that redirects the authentication to another connection.

also i see that forgot password also has ESP-IAT in link instead of having ESP-UAT

Please check redirect URLs in your applications/actions and make sure that you are not redirecting to ESP-IAT instead of UAT.

i checked and my app redirects to client id of ESP-UAT app

i found the issue. set parameter connection name was missing. adding the last line below fixed the issue.

Notifications = new OpenIdConnectAuthenticationNotifications
     RedirectToIdentityProvider = notification =>
        notification.ProtocolMessage.SetParameter(Auth0Configuration.ConnectionParameterName, Auth0Configuration.ConnectionName);

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