Login throws Incorrect Password, same credentials work when testing connection from dashboard

My setup:

My problem:
When I create a user in the Auth0 dashboard, I can test the connection and get a successful login with the user credentials. When I try to log in the same user with the same credentials via my app, I get an Incorrect Email or Password error.

There are no failed login logs in my user’s history. Password reset links are also never sent even if requested.

Interestingly, if I test the connection from a browser window using the auth0 dashboard, the n the same browser window can be used for successful login into the same account also via my app. Probably because of the cookies.

Hi @RichardHruby , welcome to Auth0!

Does your app sends a request to the Auth0 tenant where the intended connection is hosted?
No login fails logs in the auth0 dashboard leads me to this thought. (you have two auth0 tenants).

Another question that arises is if when initiating the flow from your app, the user authenticate against the same connection that during connection tests via Auth0 dashboard?

Please let us know!

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