Getting "Wrong email or password." when trying to login to second connection

I have set up two databases both default Auth0 connections. I can create users in both databases, but when I try to login as a user in the second database via the API I get the “Wrong email or password” error. If I try the connection from the dashboard I can login just fine.

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How are you logging in as a user in the second connection? Can you please tell us more about your setup?

We have an application that we provide as a white-label to other companies. Each companies user pool must be distinct. At the moment each company is modeled as a Machine to Machine client and a connection. Though we want to move to a single client using multiple connections.

We are using the /oauth/token endpoint to login. Each client only has access to its own connection. I was expecting that with this setup, it would automatically use the connection from the relevant client.

I have found a work around for this at the moment by passing "grant_type": "" and "realm": "relevant-connection"

Thanks for the update. In the case where you would like to exchange a username/password pair directly for a token, and you would like the option to select from multiple directories/connections, you will need to use the Resource Owner Password Grant with Realm Support (as you have found).

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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