WordPress Plugin - Login error

So I trying to use my auth0 account on 2 separate WordPress sites using the same Authentication Database running as 2 different applications. I installed the Auth0 WordPress plugin on both sites but I’m getting the following error when i try to log into wp-admin using a single login id. Below is the error that is being generated by the plugin:

“There was a problem with your log in: Could not create user. The registration process is not available. Please contact your site’s administrator. [error code: unknown]”

Not sure how to go about correcting this error? any suggestion or help would be very much appreciated.

Thank You

The error code “unknown” usually indicates that there is a problem with the state parameter that is used to prevent CSRF attacks. This parameter is generated by the plugin and sent to Auth0 during the login process, and then validated by the plugin when Auth0 redirects back to your site. If the state parameter is missing or invalid, the plugin will show the error message that you encountered.