WordPress plugin: Could not create user. The registration process is not available

I am setting up the Auth0 WordPress plugin for the first time. I went through the manual setup as I have an existing database connection I want to use. I am able to login using an email address that already exists as a WordPress user, but not one that does not. The site has “Anyone can register” unselected. The auth0 plugin has “Auto Provisioning” enabled. I don’t see any relevant details in the plugin log or the auth0 log. The auth0 user does have their email verified. I am not a WordPress expert, so I may be missing something simple. This is the message I see on the website after submitting the login form.

There was a problem with your log in: Could not create user. The registration process is not available. Please contact your site’s administrator. [error code: unknown]

As far as I’m aware the auto provisioning enabled should allow this flow without the anyone can register being enabled.

Just as a quick test have you already tried to disable auto provisioning and enable (even if temporarily) the anyone can register option to see if you can then complete a login with the same user that triggers the error?