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Hi all!
We are using an external tool (Plasso) to sell our products, and our customers can have the access to a reserved area into our Wordpress website.

We are successfully creating the user on Auth0 using javascript/node.js code into Zapier, but when the customer tries to login into Wordpress we get the following error: “Could not create user. The registration process is not available”

I think this is because there is not a user with that email on Wordpress. How can I make it works? Is creating a user on Wordpress the right way to proceed? If yes, how should I do it?



Hi @NicolaVO … that error typically happens when registration is turned off for your WordPress site. If you want to leave that off and still have Auth0-created users be created, switch on “Auto Provisioning” in the Advanced tab of the Auth plugin settings page.


Hi @josh.cunningham
thanks for the reply.
The user registration is turned on into Wordpress, as the plugin shows in the following image


@NicolaVO - That’s odd. Is this a single site or a multi-site WP install? Also, was this the complete message seen?

Could not create user. The registration process is not available. Please contact your site’s administrator.

You might try turning on Auto-Provisioning just to see if that makes it work.


Sorry @josh.cunningham, the right message is

There was a problem with your log in:
Error linking account: Not Found [error code: access_denied]

Anyway it’s not multisite and I tried with Auto-provisioning on and it doesn’t work anyway.


@NicolaVO - That’s an error coming from the Rule that links accounts in Auth0. That Rule tries to link users together from other connections (social, etc) so they have an integrated Auth0 user account. I would try to debug that in the Rule in your Dashboard, should be called Account-Linking-Do-Not-Rename. You can use console.log() in there and use the Try button to walk through the scenario.


After some debugging, now it’s working.
Apparently, that was because of a wrong template we used to create our rule.

The user_id property contains the provider info, so here is wrong:

url: userApiUrl + '/' + originalUser.user_id + '/identities',

I extracted just the id like this:

var user_id_array = originalUser.user_id.split('|');
var user_id = user_id_array[1};

And then called the APIs as follows:

url: userApiUrl + '/' + user_id + '/identities',


Glad to hear you got it figured out.

What template did you use originally? I want to make sure we correct anything that we have out there that might be leading people astray.


From what I can see, on both these templates there is the error:

  • Link Accounts with Same Email Address while Merging Metadata
  • Link Accounts with Same Email Address:


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