WordPress Password Sync

Hi Community,

I have a WordPress site that offers users to reset their password from their profile page. Looking up Auth0’s resource here, it says the following:

> Profile data saved in WordPress is not being synced to the Auth0 user account.

This is a current limitation of the plugin but something we’re looking at in a future release. The one exception to this is the user password. If the password is changed in WordPress and it passes the security policy set for the database connection being used, then that password will update for the Auth0 user as well. We’ll be adding an error message in a future release to stop the process if the password is not strong enough.

I tried to change the password using the WordPress system, but the new password did not sync with the Auth0 user – I had to login using the old password. The new password meets the Auth0 password policy.

What am I missing? Is there a timeframe I should wait before trying the new password? Is there a way to force the password sync immediately? Thanks

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