HELP ! Wordpress <-> Auth0 Password Reset

I’ve been doing tons a research to figure this out. I’m looking for help on setting up a password reset page with email, old password, and new password requirement. Old Password is required by Custom Database that houses all users. I have no other way to change password with just an email link.

Please tell me this is possible. If not, are there other plugin to use with wordpress with this capability?

Hi there @anhtuandinh, I apologize for the delay in response. I wanted to find out if you are still facing this challenge. Thank you in advance.

If you do not enable customization of the Password Reset Page , Auth0 will handle updates necessary for the script, including changes to the version number of the included Password Reset Widget.

Once you have enabled customization of the Password Reset Page, it is your responsibility to update and maintain the script . This includes updating the version number for the Password Reset Widget. With customization enabled, Auth0 cannot update your script automatically without potentially interfering with changes you’ve made. official site


Yes I am. Still need the old password to reset password.