Auth0 Wordpress Plugin - Change Password from ULP

Hi Everyone,

I have implemented the Auth0 Wordpress Plugin and I thought it was up and running fine until one of my users attempted to reset their password from the ULP. Users receive an email and can go through the step of entering their new password but then the error comes.

From what it looks like, within the Custom Database → Action Scripts tabs, the Change Password script needs to be written. I am trying to use the Auth0-provided Login/Get User scripts as an example but failing to update either Wordpress via the plugin or my Auth0 Custom Database (Auth0 Cloud Database) user passwords. I assumed that changing a password would be part of the core functionality of the plugin (and going through the PHP of the plugin it seems to be so with functions like “validate_new_password”). I just can’t figure out how to call and access this functionality of the plugin.

If anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


This was a case of a wrong setting.

I had selected “Sync user profile attributes at each login” under database settings instead of “Import Users to Auth0”. When “Import Users to Auth0” is selected, only Login and Get User scripts are available and Auth0 handles the Reset Password function.