Wordpress Migration fails with invalid email or password

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  • Wordpress Plugin version 4.3.1
    -Wordpress version WordPress 6.0.1

I have configured the Login by Auth0 Wordpress plugin as described at User Migration in Login by Auth0 WordPress Plugin.

The login and get user scripts have been tested and work successfully. When I try to login from the website to test migrating a user the message Wrong email or password is displayed. This is confirmed in the Auth0.com log files. I do not see any errors on the Auth0 Error Log page in Wordpress.

Please provide me with some information on where I can look to see why the user migration isn’t working.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure what database you are referring to. If it is the Auth0 database, the user does not exist in that database yet. The problem is related to the first time an existing Wordpress user is logging to Wordpress after the Auth0 plugin has been installed. The login page is redirected to auth0 universal login. Based on this https://auth0.com/docs/customize/integrations/cms/wordpress-plugin/user-migration-in-login-by-auth0, the account should automatically be created in Auth0 the first time a Wordpress user tries to login.

The login flow is as follows:

  1. A user attempts to login with an Auth0 login form (embedded on your site or hosted at Auth0).
  2. If Auth0 can’t find a user associated with the provided credentials in your database connection, it proceeds to call the Migration endpoint on your WordPress site with the user credentials and the migration token.
  3. The plugin finds a user in your WordPress database with the provided username/email and verifies the password.
  4. If a user can be successfully authenticated, Auth0 creates the user in the database connection for your site, authenticates the user, and logs them in.
  5. The next time the user logs in, they will use the Auth0 user, and the Migration endpoint will be skipped.


I am facing the same, are you able to resolve this ?

There were several issues that needed to be resolved, but the main one was related to the user already being defined in the default Username-Password-Authentication database. If I deleted the user from the Username-Password-Authentication database, then the user was added to the customer database associated with the Wordpress migration.

oh ok, in my case I have created a new custom database with no users, even then it’s not working.

Can you please tell me the sequence of steps you have configured and is everything working fine now for you ?

I really got stuck as I can’t use neither Standard nor User Migration approach.