WordPress error: This site requires a verified email address

Problem Statement

We have a WordPress site with the Auth0 plugin installed and configured. For some of the users, we keep getting the error message “This site requires a verified email address.”


This issue is not related to the email_verified attribute on the user profile in Auth0.

This happens when a user previously logged into the WordPress app with one connection using a particular email address and then tries to log in with the same email address via a different connection.

Since the WP plugin attaches each WP account registered to a specific Auth0 user ID, rather than an email address, it makes sense that this error could be getting raised in that circumstance.


We recommend you limit connections that your WP Auth0 plugin uses either through the Auth0 Dashboard → connections, or through the WordPress settings under Features → Auto Login Method. There is also an Auth0 extension called the “Auth0 Account Link” extension which can prompt users to link their accounts when they attempt to authenticate in a situation like this, which should help resolve this error as well.

After making these changes, if you end up with WordPress accounts assigned to Auth0 users incorrectly and those users can’t log in, go into Auth0’s user dashboard, find the correct instance of the user, and copy their user ID. Then access your WordPress MySQL database, locate the WP account within the wp_usermeta table, and change the associated wp_auth0_id value to match the correct Auth0 user ID."

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