Error - user with the same email

Please help!! I have successfully connected my Wordpress install to Auth0. I am having issues logging in for one specific user, all others are working. I am getting the error that there is a user with the same email.

I read in another thread: This error happens when an incoming successful Auth0 login has the same email address as an existing WordPress user but a different Auth0 user ID. This can happen if you already have a DB user and then use Google to login with the same email address but don’t have account linking on.

This is exactly what happened. Now, how do I fix it???

Hi @BlackStar ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The following FAQs and article talk about how to implement the account linking feature.

Hopefully, you can find them helpful!

Thank you, I was able to install the extension and rule. However, when I attempt to login I am still getting the same error. I see the user in Auth0 with both applications listed and it is counting the logins, but wordpress throws the error and I am not actually logged in. Is there a way to manually link the particular users with different Auth IDs?

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