Is there a way to Merge User accounts within Auth0 Dashboard

I’ve seen there there’s already a related thread regarding the issue I encountered about There was a problem with your login: There is a user with the same email

My issue is related but a little different because I have Auth0 Account Link extension enabled. Several users are having issues regarding the linking and getting the same error even though they accepted the Merging of accounts.

One user with this issue has only one user entry on Auth0 Users list but another user have two from two different connection (google and username/password) that should not be happening because Auth0 Account Link should have handled that automatically if user has accepted the prompt. For the user with single entry on Auth0, this a little weird because it should have allowed them to login on WordPress but the error still persist.

Could it be that if the user initially signed up via Auth0 using Username/Password and have been created on WordPress and then comes back logging in again using Google Login and merged their account but then WordPress denied that user to be logged in due to same email? One of the solution on the linked thread above suggested deleting the User with issue on WordPress but it’s not an option because our users already have purchased subscriptions and a subscription is already active. Why wouldn’t Auth0 WP plugin didn’t handle this scenario?

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