Wordpress default login with Xamarin Forms

We have a requirement to use standard wordpress login to authenticate users in a mobile app built using Xamarin Forms (not Xamarin iOS/Android native). Can someone point me to an example or a sample that can help me get started?

Have you had any luck with this? I too am looking to build a Xamarin.Forms application with Auth0 as my authentication mechanism. I am getting hung up on the UIViewController/Activity to pass since Xamarin.Forms uses Pages instead. I have considered implementing a DependencyService to delegate the actual login code to each platform specific project but even then not 100% sure how to handle the UIViewController/Activity since we are still using Pages. It would be awesome to see Auth0 post a Xamarin.Forms QuickStart.

I have responded to your question on the other thread. Hope it helps.

Update: I ended up taking a completely different approach for WP. Built custom authentication form instead.