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Auth0 for Xamarin.FORMS

I’m desperately seeking any examples on how to implement Auth0 for Xamarin.FORMS. It should not be this difficult or cryptic and I haven’t found anything useful on the community pages.

Any tips on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.


Hey there @johnnyjohnny!

I need to confess that I have no Xamarin experience but I found out that we have some docs and quickstarts on that that may help you going:

Hey @johnnyjohnny, I am in he same boat - with the added twist that I need to do it in F#. The problem is that the best tutorial found here is deprecated b/c they want everyone to use the web page login versus using your own controls. The next best tutorial found here does not use forms and the community example found here does not work OOB.

If you find something, can you post back here? I’ll do same. Thanks

So this seems to work, once you set the callback uri and other configuration:

Thank you @jamessdixon! We’re collecting all this feedback! Tank you also for sharing the link to the repo!

Big thanks to @jamessdixon for sharing a great git sample on implementation.

I was able to implement Auth0 in Xamarin Forms (C#, .NET Standard 2.0) using Konrad’s link ( and omitting the parts that I did not need (Azure Function related).


Glad it worked for you @johnnyjohnny!

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