Windowslive social connection profile broken


I am using the windowslive social connection on my application but the user profile returned use a deprecated url for the profile ‘picture’ info.

It is resulting to a ‘410’ error from the microsoft live endpoint.

[Mod Edit: Adding the full error message]

   "error": {
      "code": "api_deprecated", 
      "message": "This API is no longer supported. Please see for information about migrating your application to Microsoft Graph."

Do you know how to update this endpoint ?
Is it possible to fallback to the Auth0 default picture when the provider’s one is not available ?

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Thanks for reaching out - we currently are researching and will let you know when we reach a resolution.

Hi there. A couple of things here:

  • The deprecated API issue has been reported internally to our engineering teams. The APIs used internally to request an authentication for a personal Microsoft Account will need to be updated to use newer APIs that Microsoft prefers customers to use.

  • These newer APIs don’t currently have support for getting the user picture for personal accounts (see So even when our engineering team is done upgrading the product to use the newer APIs the picture field will still not be available, at least until Microsoft provides a replacement.


The fact that we’re at the point where broken images are rendering means auth0 isn’t doing their job… isn’t that the whole point of using a service like this?? If there is no new url, then return generic avatar graphic for new users…


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