Social login profile picture update is not synced within Auth0

We have a user who is using the Microsoft social login. At the beginning, he didn’t have a profile picture configured in his Microsoft account and so the Auth0 user of course doesn’t have a profile picture as well.

He caught up on that and updated his Microsoft account more than a week ago. This doesn’t seem to reflect within Auth0 as the user there still doesn’t have a profile picture assigned.

Is this a default behavior? If yes, is there a way to trigger an update or to configure a periodical sync in regards to social connections?

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Hi @henning1

Thanks for reaching out to Auth0 Community!

As per my understanding Auth0 retrieves the user information during initial login, you can create a custom action and retrieve the updated profile picture from Microsoft upon each login and update the auth0 user profile. User Profile Root Attributes


Thanks Pavan for the fast reply. I’ve checked the social provider configuration and can confirm that the sync was already activated:
Image 2

So that sync should have been triggered and the users’ profile should have been updated (I double-checked and can confirm that, after he had updated his profile picture, the suer had logged in to Auth0 / our platform).

Do you have any idea why the sync isn’t happening?

Hi @henning1

Thanks for confirming, i checked from my side to check sync is working or not

i already had Github as social connection and i utilised that and changed the profile picture and logged in again, the new profile picture is reflecting in Auth0 user, need to deep dive and check from Microsoft Social connection, High level i am thinking does Microsoft sending the picture attribute data to Auth0 :thinking:,
Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 8.39.57 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 8.47.55 PM

Another question is this happening with only 1 user or with all the users!


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Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve done the same and grabbed one of our O365 (now M365) accounts and added an image. Previously the account didn’t have any image assigned. While I can see the change in the M365 portal, after I log in with that user I neither see a change nor is there a different picture assigned in the users’ Raw JSON section.

I have filtered our users by the azure connection and can see that of the ~90 users that we have who are using this type of connection none of them have a profile picture assigned.
To be precise: they have a Gravatar link but that only points to the generic initials of the user.

Currently we only had the report coming in from one user, but I doubt that none of our Azure customers have a profile picture assigned. And with my own test I can say that at least 2x users are facing this behaviour.

Could you ask your team if your hunch, that Azure images aren’t synced at all, might true?

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Hi @henning1

I checked with my team, and got to know this is an Azure AD limitations to pass the images to Auth0 here are the supporting document. 1) Choose a Connection Type for Azure AD
2) Azure AD Enterprise connection profile picture

Also look like you can fetch the images using auth0 Actions, but its not pretty.



thanks for looking into it and thanks for the linked posts and guides. Looks like adding the profile pictures should be done a little bit different than we had expected.

We’re good so for as of now. Thank you for your support and I’d be closing this ticket.

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