Will actions retry if there is an error?

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I’m evaluating whether to use a Rule or an Action to let our application know to create a user record when someone registers through Auth0.

As far as I know, with a rule I would add some metadata onto the response to our client from Auth0, or even use the login count to determine if a user has just registered.

With Actions I was considering using the post-user-registration trigger to send an HTTP request to our application server, but I can’t find any information on what happens if our application doesn’t respond or sends back an HTTP error code.

Will the action be retried multiple times? Will it fail silently? Would I need to build my own retry logic?

The only example I’ve seen for the slack notifier doesn’t mention anything about the error path, only the success path.

If there is no ability to have automated retries, like you would get with conventional webhooks, then I’ll just use a rule, but I’d like to know what happens if anyone knows.

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That’s a good question. Let me reach out to appropriate team and find out more about it!

It seems that you need to try implementing the retry logic yourself as it will not be retried, but it will generate a fpurh tenant log (the same tenant log type as the pre-user-registration hook will generate on failure)

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Well, in that case, it seems a Rule will be the simplest extension method as we don’t want to be in the business of implementing retry logic at this stage in our development.

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No worries! We’re here for you!