Choosing between Auth0 Hooks/Webhook Extensions/Actions; Which is best for retry logic?

I’m trying to implement a solution where post user registration, I send data back our own server. Actions seems like a great way to do this but to my understanding, that doesn’t have any retry logic (unless I implement something myself) I was wondering if Hooks/Webhook Extensions have retry logic built in?

what do you mean by retry logic can you please tell me more about it.

Hi Pranshu,

Usually webhooks ensure delivery of the message to the webhook url (Or atleast retry a certain number of times). This helps account for scenarios where the service receiving these message might be down for some time, for us to ensure that messages don’t get lost. I would like to see actions attempt a retry if they throw an exception or have a certain return value, but I don’t think that is supported. My question was that do Hooks or Webhook extensions do anything to ensure delivery?