Hooks are available on May 26th!

Hooks launched in beta on February 17th, 2017 with the aim of delivering a more customizable endpoint experience and providing more exhaustive workflows for users.

With Hooks going live on May 26th they will bring improved error handling. This includes a more detailed description of errors surfaced during the flow and custom errors based on the return message. Under beta, error messages were limited to a generic server-side extensibility error. Additionally, Hooks now supports localization of client-facing errors returned to universal login. Localizing error messages to match the general UI will greatly improve the app user experience.

Check out the Auth0 Hooks documentation or head over directly to Auth0 Hooks in the management dashboard to create your first hook.

Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions!


Custom errors?! :smiley: :smiley:

Random question: a loooong time ago I remember reading Hooks were supposed to replace Rules. Is that still the plan? Or will they continue living side by side?

They’re gonna be here side by side :slight_smile:

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@konrad.sopala Can you guys support to add more parameters to get request IP for [Pre-User Registration] hook? It would be better if we could get geoip like Rules did. I would like to add a feature to reject users from a specific country sign up, then I need to know what’s their IP address. Many thanks if you can help. I see that you are supporting to get IP address on the [Send Phone Message] hook .

Hey there @tuhoang!

For feature requests please use our product feedback form here:

Make sure to add as much context as possible so our product managers have better justification.

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I created a community account with the sole intent of saying “FINALLY, THANK YOU!”. This has been such a pain point when trying to restrict user registration in a clean and non-spaghetti-like fashion.


Thanks for the kind words @pauljan! :slight_smile:

@konrad.sopala It looks like hooks are still marked as in beta within the tenant for the company I belong to. Is migrating from beta to production hooks something that needs to be done via a tenant upgrade?

Let me reach out to our Extensibility team that is responsible for hooks to learn more about it. Can you send me your tenant name via private message? Thank you!

Got a response from the team. They deployed the last piece of Hooks (removing the “Beta” tag from the dashboard UI) yesterday evening, so it’s possible you were still seeing the beta tag before it was fully deployed.

There’s nothing you need to do to opt in to the GA version of Hooks. It’s been rolled out to everyone automatically.

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