Rules - Failed Login Attempts, Alternate Actions?

Hi! Is there a way, via the API, to trigger custom actions when the logs collect a user error (failed login, etc)? A post from 2021 on this forum indicated that Auth0 rules do not apply to pre-login scenarios. I am also following a path of reviewing log streams and triggering custom actions, but it is a considerable amount of work. Am I missing a resource here? Can the Auth0 Rules now handle pre-login scenarios such as a failed login?


Hi @Sai,

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Unfortunately, Auth0 Rules only executes in a post-login flow and cannot handle pre-login scenarios.

In this case, the recommended approach of using log streams to trigger custom webhooks is the best way to handle these failed login attempts as you have found.

I understand that it requires some uplift on your end, however, this would be the way to handle this use case.

Here are some resources to help you:

Lastly, I know you mentioned using Actions. Unfortunately, with Actions, there isn’t a pre-login flow available. See our Actions Flows and Triggers documentation for the list of available flows.

I hope this helps!

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.



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