How to detect invalid login in a rule

Is there a way inside a rule to detect if a login was unsuccessful? Or do rules only fire on successful logins? I am looking to send logs from auth0 to another service when a invalid login happens. Hoping I can just do this via a rule.

Saw this other thread, but no solution was provided. Detect invalid login attempts and lock user in a rule

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One of the Auth0 engineering types may correct me but I believe rules only execute after successful authentication.

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Hi @pbr0ck3r,

@markd is correct, rules run after successful logins.

You could use a log stream to monitor failed logins.

Let me know if this works for you,

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Hey @markd @dan.woda ,

Thanks so much for the quick response. I will check out Log streams.

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Hi @dan.woda: Will log streams replace the various logging extensions (the HTTP based ones at least)?

@markd I think eventually. Log streams is essentially an improvement on log extensions. It was built to for better delivery time and volume. If you want to know more I can reach out to the relevant folks.

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All good, thanks. I will ping my TAM if I need more details. Good to see functionality like getting rolled in to the core product!

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@markd Log streams is a huge one for me. It is a great improvement. Sounds good!

Looking into the AWS Event Bridge stuff. My end goal is to get the logs into S3. Would be cool if I could just go straight to a bucket from Auth0.

This is a great idea for an API. Have the API offer an HTTP endpoint to point the log stream at and then write the individual logs as JSON files to a bucket. Could work with any of the object storage services out there.

Hi @dan.woda,
We want to use log streams to post to sentry, but we only want to post our failures. Is there a way to filter the events sent from the stream?



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Not that I know right now, you would need to handle that on your side. You should be able to look for log event type ‘f’ and filter out the other noise.

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