WHY so many outages???

Can you explain why so many outages are being reported in the last days & weeks?

In our case they switched off the search feature, on a free account, but that was switched off to keep infrastructure going for the paid accounts. They switched them on again case by case, which looks like it took many days in some cases… sorry I can’t answer 100% but whilst I am here waiting days for answers to my questions I am just trying to help in the meantime. Its is concerning…

Most of them are associated with the original user search incident so you can read more about it in the incident history itself if you haven’t done so already, but long story short, user search was very flexible in terms of data that could be indexed and queries that could be made. This provided a lot of flexibility but also led to abnormal usage patterns that were affecting not just the tenants that had it but also everyone else. Due to this some significant changes had to be made which in one hand allowed for the return of the feature, but on the other hand increased the frequency of smaller scale incidents. We continue working on the stability of the current user search functionality so the situation should stabilize in the short term.