Why return "connection is disabled"?

I’m a Japanese.
So, maybe my english is bad. Sorry.

I want to separate Auth0’s Application “Development” and “production”.
The endpoint uses the following URL.


Sign up was completed normally, and data was also inserted on Auth0 with a Connection different from the product.

However, when trying to get access token the following error will be returned.

  "error": "invalid_request"
  "error_description": "connection is disabled (client_id: CLIENT_ID - connection: APP-PRODUCTION)"

Endpoint: https://ai-con.auth0.com/oauth/token

I am sending the following data at Guzzle.

  "form_params" => [
    "grant_type" => "password"
    "client_id" => "CLIENT_ID"
    "client_secret" => "CLIENT_SECRET"
    "username" => "email@address"
    "password" => "password_drowssap"
    "audience" => "https://[[ApplicationName]].auth0.com/api/v2/"
    "connection" => "APP-DEV"
    "scope" => "openid"
  "header" => [
    "content-type" => "application/json"

In the error message “Connection: APP - PRODUCTION” is written,
I am sending Connection as “APP - DEV”.

How can we solve this?

In addition, Production users can register and log in properly.

Thank you.

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Is the connection APP-DEV actually enabled for the client CLIENT_ID?

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Thank you for your reply.

Is the connection APP-DEV actually enabled for the client CLIENT_ID ?

And I solved this question.

I must send "grant_type" => "http://auth0.com/oauth/grant-type/password-realm" not password.

Thank you!


Thank you, this saved me a lot of time! Also note realm becomes a required parameter after this change. It maps to a connection name.

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Hi @neto-tim,

Welcome to the Community! We appreciate your input, thanks for chiming in with additional information!


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