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Why is AUTH0 only checking one database? Can't login!



We are working with the auth0 Wordpress plugin and we are setting up a large number of online sites which will be developed and rolled out over time for our brand DailyDrop.
We have 2 database connections setup:
The external has signups enabled and is used for all standard users.
The internal databases has signups disabled and is only for our employees.
There are two clients at the moment. DailyDrop and DailyDrop Internal. The main DailyDrop client has both databases connected while the internal only had the internal database connected. (We have also done a test with just the internal database to make sure it’s working correctly and it is)

We are using the Wordpress plugin with our DailyDrop client and had everything working correctly however when we go to sign in with an account that is apart of the DailyDrop-Internal database it returns invalid username/password.

After reviewing the logs it seems as if the client is only checking the DailyDrop-External Database for the user login. We want it to be checking both.

So to sum things up:
2 databases

The client is only checking one

A fast and helpful response would be appreciated as we would like to have this setup ASAP.



We found that you can only use one database with lock at a time. Will there be the ability to use multiple databases down the track?