Does Auth0 try every database connection?

Does Auth0 try every connection for my client when there are multiple enabled ? In case i have enabled multiple custom database connections will it try every connection until one user is found or will it only try the first ?

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Authentication can be initiated for only one connection. Though database connections can work side-by-side, authentication is done only against the specified connection. For example, the social connections like Facebook, Twitter, Google work side-by-side in Auth0 when they are enabled, but the authentication of the user is done only against the connection specified in that case. Each DB connection can only be used in similar way but application needs to specify which DB connection to use for a particular situation.

Darn. This is a tad frustrating and seems like a surprise as to why a client is allowed to be configured for multiple database connections otherwise. It really would be nice if a login rolled through the list of enabled database connections looking for a match.


I agree, this is very frustrating, and disappointing. To have a client able to associate multiple database connections but not be able to make use of all of them for authentication is awfully misleading. I hope there is the potential to change this behavior in the future.