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Signup to external React app from wordpress

I have just tried using the wordpress plugin, it looks working, however in my case, I just would like that the users get created on Auth0 but NOT on WordPress. Actually I am using Wordpress just as a landing page, with a login link that redirects to React js app.

I would like to take advantage of the embedded Signup page without getting users added as wordpress users.
I also would like to enable embedded Signup only on wordpress since I am using Lock widget for login already.

Did anyone tried to customize the auth0 plugin for similar purpose?


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Welcome to Auth0 Community @TheEagle! :tada:

Have you seen this doc:

The /dbconnections/signup endpoint requires a connection parameter that will indicate in which connection the user will be registered in. With this in mind and based on the information you provided you’re likely using a sign-up mechanism that is choosing this connection automatically for you.

The Lock library is a great way to have an authentication/registration interface setup in no time, but it does come with its own assumptions. For example, the UI has a single set of input for email and password and as such by default it does not fully support more than one database connection because it would not know how to distinguish between them.

The defaultDatabaseConnection setting restricts to a single database. See -

Please let me know if you have any questions.