Can we use auth0-spa-js with the WordPress plugin?

So a little confused here. Does the WordPress plugin depend on its own Lock generated from the server or is it possible to integrate the auth0-spa-js within a decoupled React frontend while leveraging the plugin? The goal is to continue to sync between users in the WP database and auth0.

Hey there @kmcaloon, and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Let me look into this for you and i’ll report back!

After checking with our team I was able to find out the following.:

The Wordpress plugin can use both the embedded lock or the universal login page.

If you are asking here if you can replace the login widget with a react app using auth0.js then you can use the universal login page option to implement it.

However if you want an entirely separate application and leverage the same users within your Wordpress database to login to this app, you would need to enable the same connections for your new application within the Auth0 dashboard.

I hope this helps shed some light as you venture forward. Thanks!

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