Wordpress Auth0 plugin -> Vue Application

I am attempting to do SSO between my WordPress site and my VueJs application. I want Auth0 to handle all the authentication and users and act as a central point for SSO. I have read through the documentation and I can not seem to find anything that provides good guidance (I may have missed something).

  1. I have a VueJs configured with Auth0 with everything working correctly
  2. I have a WordPress website configured with the Auth0 plugin with everything working correctly.

My expectation is that I can add a link to my App from the WordPress site and once logged in through Auth0 on Wordpress I can would then be able to go straight to the app and be logged in there as well. The opposite should also be possible if logged in to the App and I click on a link the Wordpress site I should be directed there and be logged in.

This is currently not working.

I suspect this is because of the app and Wordpress site on different domains.

If you could provide any help it would be greatly appreciated.