Auth0 Wordpress plugin and SSO admin apporval


I’m trying to figure out how the functionality for requiring an approval process when using Auth0 with WordPress. Upfront, I’d prefer not to have users who have SSO just be able to create WordPress dashboard accounts. I would rather have some sort of approval method where an admin receives a message or email that they use to approve the attempt to sign on.

I got the general idea of the process by referencing an older topic with similar needs but this was from several years ago and references things like hooks and rules which have been migrated to actions now from what I’ve researched.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how this ties into WordPress and its usage of Auth0 through the official plugin. I also took note of this section within the documentation and was wondering if this is still usable functionality within the plugin.

Because I have to work with another department to make this work, I’d also need a better understanding of what they need to do on their end. They would be in charge of setting up anything within the frame of the Auth0 dashboard.

Any kind of general walk-through of how to make this work would be appreciated.