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SSO with Wordpress and Django API


Hi Auth0 Community,

I try to implement a SSO for a Wordpress instance, which uses a Django API using Javascript requests.

My idea is, that the user logs in with the Auth0 Wordpress Plugin, and is then authenticated for Wordpress and the Django server. So I installed the auth0 Wordpress Plugin, and configured authentication with Auth0. This parts works. User is authenticated in Wordpress. Now comes the hard part: I want the Django server to know, that the user is already authenticated. So I activated the SSO Option for the Wordpress plugin.

And now I’m stuck. How can django know, that the user is already authenticated? I do not want the user to confirm something.

  1. Is it enought to implement the authentication backend like in:
  2. Or do I need to do token validation like in
  3. Do I need different Auth0 APIs? Or do I use the same client ID for Django and Wordpress?

Wordpress is running on, server on

Thank you!