Auth0 session sharing issue for SSO

I have used Auth0 service in my node angular app and wordpress to login/signup. I want to implement SSO and Signle logout between the two. I have used nodeJS and Angular for my node app and in wordpress I have installed “Login By Auth0” plugin to login to and in my Auth0 management i have configured Auth0 to use HS256 JWT signature token. I am facing several issues like:
case 1: When I login into my node app using Auth0 and thereafter when I open my wordpress I’m logged into the wordpress account with same email I logged in to my node app but when I login to my wordpress account first using Auth0, I’m not logging into my node app account. I’m not getting which token or cookie I should look for to login to my node app.

case 2: Though I have enabled single logout in my wordpress admin setting, when I logout from either of the two app that is node app or wordpress, I’m not being logged out of my another app.

I’m not able to figure out what could be the possible solution for these cases?