Already authenticated WordPress (plugin) Single Sign-On

Hi Support,

I have this issue and not sure how to solve it.

I have 2 NodeJS sites with are using Auth0 SSO to login by redirecting to Auth0’s lock. If I can login on one and open the other site it works fine and I am logged in. I now have a Wordpress site as well, I have installed and configured my wordpress Auth0 plugin for SSO assuming it is all correct.

Wordpress: Not logged-in
If a user opens my Wordpress site (for the first time) and not logged in they see the normal logged-out home page and have to click on the login button and and get wisked away to the same look and feel Univeral Auth0 lock. Once logged in they have succesfully logged-in redirected back and they are logged in. They can then also open the other Nodejs sites already logged in and ther SSO works fine as they are already logged in.

NodeJS: Not logged in
If a user opens one of the NodejS sites and not logged in they can be logged in via the Univeral Auth0 lock no-problemmo. But when they only the word press site, the wordpress does not detect that that are already logged and they get the logged-out home page, and have to click login. This will then log the user in automaticaly without asking their credentials.

Isn’t the Wordpress Auth0 SSO plugin suppose to detect that the user is already logged-in and log the user in into Wordpress automatically? Why does it not detect the user and first assume they are logged out and wait for them to hit the login button?

Am I missing something in the configuration?

Best regards

Hi there @carolus and happy Monday!

When you get a chance can you please capture the initial authentication and then the navigation between the two sites that should be linked with a HAR file? Also can you direct message me your tenants along with that? It’s important to make sure to select “Preserve log” to catch any redirects. Thank you!

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