Why am I not being asked for an email & password each time I log in?

each time I “log in,” the user account just goes straight to the callback page without being asked for a password.
Why am I not being asked for a password each time I log in?
How can I achieve this?

Hey there @poojaTamke!

Can you provide me more context around it? What SDK are you using? For what platform you build?
Do you fill in the login form and without filling in the password field you’re able to go through?

@konrad.sopala Thank you for the response!
We are using Auth0 in our application where frontend is in angularJS & backend is Springboot. The problem is, if I logged in gmail account & then in my webApp If I try to login with google+, then it redirects me to my webApp directly, It doesn’t ask me to enter credentials(email & password) of gmail account. In hubspot it asks for the credentials even if we are already logged in Gmail account. How can we achieve this in Auth0? [Even if the user is logged in, it should ask for password & email]

I want auth0 to ask for email & password every time. Is it possible?
Scenario: If I am logged in to my Gmail or LinkedIn account. then from my app which is connected to auth0, I try to do Sign in with Gmail, then It doesn’t ask me to enter email & password instead directly it redirects to home page.

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