Skip asking for password shortly after successful login - how?

Hello, I have two apps that uses email/password authentication.

They behave differently, and I am looking for the setting that will make the behave in the same way.

In app A; user is asked for email/password, they are then redirected back to our app. If we have not verified their email (in our db, not auth0) we do not sign them into our app, instead we hold them out until email is verified. They can enter a verification code they receive on email, and then they can click the login button again. This skips the auth0 email/password dialogue - I assume because there’s some cookies or caching in place they skips redundant login.

In app B; I have tried to build the same flow, but when they click the login button for the 2nd time, they are always redirected to the hosted auth0 login page, even though they just logged in 30 seconds earlier… I would like app B to behave like app A, but I don’t know which setting is the result of the different behavior, can someone please point me in the right direction?

Both apps are using the classic universal login experience.


  • Rasmus

I reached out to the official support regarding this issue.

They helped me solve this issue, which turned out to be a tenant setting.

To anyone else facing the same issue, here’s what solved it for me:

I needed to turn on “Enable seamless SSO” under “Login Session Management”

More info can be found on: