White lable solution for User Managment

Hi guys,

Do you have white label solutions?

We need to give access to User Management system for our customers, but at the same time it have to be their Logo and Colour scheme when they dealing with their users.

We might need up to 50 different registers for different clients so they can manage their users independently. Do you have something that we can use?


Hi there @sergey_sorokin, welcome to the Community!

I’ll look into this and let you know what I find. Thanks!

Following up @sergey_sorokin, we actually don’t offer that type of feature out of the box. With Universal Login, that level of branding is done on a per tenant basis. This sounds like a great feature request for auth0.com/feedback! Sharing your detailed use case there will allow our product team to review it and evaluate it for future roadmap additions. Thanks!

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