Whitelabel within multi tenancy

Hi, Im Lucas, Im 29, from Portugal. Currently Im tech lead from contextlms.com

About Contextlms, we develop solutions for learn management system(LMS).

We were developing a new system with a more solid architecture based on microservices, microfrontends, etc, however, we will need a branding system and this is where auth0 comes in. We want to abstract ourselves from the authentication process.

I have some questions and as I intend to use auth0 soon, I need to know how to implement the ideal architecture.

Each client should have their users(perhaps a separate database), their own authentication page(needs to be customized with colors, logo, etc).

Question 1:
I would like in auth0 to have a unique configuration of authentication means for all clients, but is it possible to customize the login page per client, is it possible?

Question 2:
I noticed that auth0 use atob/btoa via url to apply universal login settings, but is there another way? I say this because easily the settings can be changed.

Question 3:
Can I have different subdomains to apply certain settings?

Question 4:
Is multi tenancy a good option? Probably will be hard to propagate config changes between all tenancies.

Thanks for reading, attention and your time.

Hi @joao.galiano.silva,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum!

If you look at the patch clients endpoint you will notice a custom_login_page key. This can be used to customize the login page per client.

Can you be specific about what settings you are talking about? Give an example please.

Right now you can have one custom domain per tenant. This leads me to think you may need multiple tenant to achieve your desired result.

Stated here:

It sounds like it may be the only way. Yes, propagating config changes will require more setup. You can use the management API to automate most things, but with multiple domains and lots of custom logins this may be the best option.

Hope this helps!


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