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Where does Tableau's metadata XML file get saved at Auth0?



Trying to set up SSO using SAML between our app and our tableau server. On the tableau docs it says:

On the IdP’s website, add your installation of Tableau Server as a connection type for the IdP to authenticate. As part of this, you import the Tableau metadata .xml file you created in step 2

Where on Auth0 do I import that?


The configuration of Auth0 as a SAML IdP for a given client application does not support direct import of any metadata file given by the service provider.

You will need to configure it manually through the SAML Addon screen, however, you can still use the metadata file as a reference as it will contain most of the information required to configure the addon.


Isn’t the use of a “metatdata.xml” file commonplace with respect to SAML configuration? Would be nice to just be able to import the metadata.xml file to reduce the human error factor when setting things up.


@larry.martell I’m taking this on now myself. Hitting a few roadblock, but I’ll win here pretty soon. I’d like post a writeup once done instead of just a reference to 2 disjoint configuration articles between the IdP & the SAML Service Provider. :slight_smile:


It is common and I would agree with you about the ability to import; I even believe this is already being tracked as a possibility, but at this time is not available.


Thanks. It’s definitely needed.