Tableau Online SAML XML Metadata

I have attempted to configure Tableau Online with metadata from these instructions from Auth0. I believe I was able to find my Tableau Online Site alias and used that. However, it appears that TO requires this to be in XML format or perhaps there is missing metadata because when I attempt to apply it, Tableau responds with " Error: Your file could not be imported. The provided file is not valid, or it does not contain the correct IdP metadata."

I have found this thread that states Auth0 doesn’t generate this metadata in XML so I’m confused why they have published the steps to do this with JSON. Does anyone know how I could convert this metadata into a format that Tableau Online will accept?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated here.

Good morning,

Who is the identity provider and who is the service provider? In the other post, João suggested setting up the SAML2 Web App Addon. Have you tried that?