Tableau - Auth0 SAML Integration

Tableau = Service Provider
Auth0 = Access Manager (Coordinator)
Google = Identity Provider

Desired Result (SP-Initiated SAML):

  1. User goes to tableau server login page
  2. Tableau shows user Auth0 login pop-up with option to user google credntials
  3. User logs in using google crednetials
  4. Auth0 (setup with Social connection=Google) issues a token and redirects user to Tableau homepage.
  5. Tableau allows user to see the homepage.

For us: Steps 4 and 5 are not working. I believe incorrect Service provider setup in Auth0.
SP was setup using Addons–>SAML2 Webapp -->Settings tab (configured xml and callback)

There is no place in Auth0 to upload Tableau’s cert file. Where do I upload this?
I have been directed to use the connections–>Enterprise–>SAMLP Identity Provider flow, but that doesn’t sound right considering Tableau is the SP and not the IDP.

How do I setup Tableau as the SP in Auth0?

When you configure Auth0 to act as the identity provider and for the purposes of signing the assertions you don’t upload any certificate to Auth0. In this scenario the SAML token will be signed by Auth0 and consumed by Tableau so the certificate (public key) you will need to upload is the one from Auth0 and into Tableau so that it can verify that the SAML token received is coming from a trusted source.

If you haven’t done so already you should follow the reference documentation about how to configure Auth0 as a SAML identity provider. When following that tutorial and mainly when it comes to the part of configuring the service provider, the exact steps are Tableau dependent so you may want to consider also checking their documentation about how to configure SAML in tableau.

Hi, I followed the tutorials. And I created an user in Auth0 , which its username and password is same with our Tableau server’s ones. When I opened our site, it redirect to Auth0 login. But I am getting username/password is invalid when I try to login. Is what I did wrong? Please help me.